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iPad 2 Forces Amazon LCD Tablet To Take A Back Seat

June 30, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

We are all aware that tablet devices have taken the technology world by storm, everyone and his wife are trying to get their foot in the door in order to not miss the boat so to speak. Obviously, the main target for all manufacturers is to compete against the hallowed iPad 2 and this is understandable, as it was Apple that kick-started the tablet revolution.

The problem is that the iPad sets such a high standard which some may find difficult to match, but for Amazon and their new slate(s), another issue faces them as reported by AppleInsider.

From what we know so far concerning the new Amazon device(s), is that the retailer will be joining the current market with a possible Tegra 2 powered device whilst the other may include a quad-core based around as reported, NVIDIA’s “Kal-EI” chip. The problem is rumored to lay with production issues and whether certain manufacturers will be able to respond to Amazon’s request for a September launch.

Currently as AppleInsider via DigiTimes explained, parts makers Wintek, HannStar Display, J Touch and TPK Holdings have already been in talks with Amazon over its production schedule. Amazon’s new device may be put on the back burner due to the manufacturers having commitments with Apple and its iPad touch panels. A statement from manufacturer Wintek has said that its production schedule could “become tight in the second half of 2011,” therefore Amazon’s launch could be affected!

If the figures are anything to go by, then Amazon were hoping to have some 2 million maximum tablets initially produced by the launch in September, with an overall 4 million tablets by the end of the year.

Looking back at rival tablet competition, Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry PlayBook was reported to suffer release delays due to the shortage of touch panels, a problem caused by Apple’s iPad 2 hogging the market. In relation to Amazon, what we need to focus on, is that currently they have a very popular cloud-based music service, fast selling Amazon Kindle e-Reader and app store for Android devices, so can they carry on the success with yet another string to their bow?

Of course any updated news to Amazon’s new tablet(s), we will let you know. Give us your thoughts on Amazon bringing out yet another slate(s), do they stand a good chance against competitors if the price is right? Or is the iPad 2 a match to be reckoned with?

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  • Anonymous

    Baloney. another of those vaporware news that is meant to prop up amazon srock price. The shysters are definitely in amazon’s camp and intend to string this along until the emperor is called out not by a kid but by empirical earnings numbers. How long can they play this game? Probably two more quarters.