Brands & Social Media Importance: How Are We Following?

Social media and the way in which it can potentially aid brands in increasing their revenue and customer base, is at long last beginning to get recognised. In the past, we have brought you news about how it can help and also hinder small and large organisations, as well as giving you an insight into the sorts of people that have benefited from using sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Restaurants, public houses, police force, banks, charities and so on have either embraced its contribution or are about too. But with an interesting article today from Mashable, it can be seen via a recent survey, just how the everyday person follows its favorite brand and what’s in it for them!

A rise has been seen on the amount of individuals who frequently follow their branded products and the survey goes to show just what discounts and little perks can be gained from doing this. The research carried out by “Get Satisfaction,” shows that at least 40% of consumers log onto Facebook to look at their brand, with Twitter and MySpace following behind.

In order to get the figures across in a more simplified format, they have been put them into an interesting infographic, which can be seen below.

As you can for yourself, the figures speak for themselves. Interestingly consumers who are happy with their favorite online brand will no doubt “like” the product on sites such as Facebook and will be keen to recommend it to their circle of friends. Just looking over the layout above, you can see that the top reasons people follow brands, can range from interesting or entertaining content, special offers and discounts or just from getting service, support or product news from the brand.

Other information taken from the findings include the top 5 favorite brands on Facebook and rival Twitter. They include Disney with a staggering 22,992,857 fans on Facebook compared to just 122,548 followers on Twitter, with Coca Cola fans at 26,844,055 compared to a lower 278,667 followers on Twitter.

Give us your thoughts on using social media brand awareness? Have you yourself used Facebook or Twitter to promote your company’s product(s), what response have you had?