Angry Birds Slingshots Over To Windows Phone 7 For $2.99

The big wait is finally over for Windows Phone 7 owners who wanted to get their hands on Angry Birds. Rovio’s record breaking app has constantly been delayed on Microsoft’s OS, leaving many a user frustrated. The game is ready to download now, but the payment system is different from that of Android and Apple.

Android users can download Angry Birds for free, with iOS users having to pay $0.99 to get the game. Microsoft has decided to try a bit of both by offering the app on a free trial and then selling it for a hefty $2.99, according to Cnet. Charging 3 times as much as Apple and $3 more than Android, that price tag my make Windows Phone 7 owners grumble, considering the deals that rival phones are getting.

This will add to the constant delays of almost 3 months, as Angry Birds was initially scheduled for an April release. It was then revealed that the game would be put back to May, then Microsoft let users down again by saying it would be another month. The reason behind the last delay was reportedly because Microsoft had other games coming out at the same time and they did not want all of their big titles rolling out at once.

Microsoft were actually quite lucky bringing Angry Birds to their platform as they gambled on the fact that they would agree a deal with the game’s developer Rovio. PC World reports that Rovio was not committed to making a version for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft launching a promotional image of the game which gives off the impression that it would be in the app lineup.

Microsoft were taking advantage of the game’s sheer popularity to draw consumers to their platform and Rovio knew this. However it was still a great move for Finnish based outfit to expand their game to another big platform and so they agreed a deal with the technology giant. Once the deal had been completed it was a case of getting the game launched, which has obviously hit some troubles.

Despite all of the delays and disappointment, Angry Birds is finally ready and even if the price is cheeky it will still provide Windows Phone 7 owners with hours of destructive boredom smashing fun! Nokia announced that their first line of phones what run on Windows Phone OS will launch towards the end of this year, coming to the UK and Europe first. Let us know if you will download Angry Birds for your Windows Phone and if all of these delays are acceptable.