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Look Out Facebook: Google To Launch Social Network - Google+

June 29, 2021 | Tim Ollason

No matter who you ask about Google anyone will tell you that as a company they are desperate to break into the social networking market. Google has risen to fame as the number 1 search engine pretty much throughout the world and now Facebook have to look out, Google is about to launch its own social network – Google+.

Facebook in its own right is doing rather well; in the UK it has become the second most searched website after Google and overtaking Microsoft who now reside in third position. The big problem that Google has had from the start since this project began was how do they make a product better than Facebook?

Well after reading a report on Mashable by Ben Parr it’s pretty clear how they are going to do it in theory, but in practice we know it’s a different matter… Especially if you were to look at Google’s previous track record with things like this, Buzz for example.

Google is always trying to think of a way to claw in more customers and this could be the perfect way to do it, the one thing we do know about Google is they will want this new network to be as seamless as their search engine which will only help their reputation in the market if it’s successful.

Moving onto Google+, the logo for it is the same Google logo that we all know and love but with a simple addition sign at the end. Simplicity is being shown that we hope will be reciprocated throughout the entire network, one thing that Facebook has a tendency to do is over complicate things.

Next a quick peek at the way Google is looking at you and your friends on their network. This looks like a completely different look particularly in the way you communicate with your friends as Google introduces “Circles+”. What they have managed to do is allow you to separate your friends into specific friendship circles, the system works on HTML5 and it will actually allow you to select friends, then drag and drop them into the circles you want them in within something they call the Stream. The purpose of this is so that you can only send things to the people you want to see your update, for example when you post a status on Facebook it goes to all of your friends, this will only go to the ones you want it too.

Google+ also has a pretty nifty photos section which is packed with features and functionality unlike that of Facebook. Within the PhotoLab you can tag photos, be taken to all of the photos that you have shared or even just the ones you have been tagged in. Not only that but you can also use their image editing suite which has a load of different effects that you can slam onto your pictures!

Something else that you may want to know more about is the chat functionality, it’s not just any chat… It’s video chat! They have called it the “Hangout” where you can chat with a group of up to 10 people and if more want to join then they simply join a waiting list until somebody leaves and then they can enter. The hang out functionality certainly looks pretty impressive and as we all seem to spend so much more time with our computers, laptops and tablet PCs it seems only natural that we have some kind of social network that really takes advantage of that fact and lets us communicate in a simplistic but innovative way. There’s a brief bit about it at the very end of the article in the Google+ overview, you can also head over to the Google YouTube channel and check through their other videos about the new network.

There are a few other features such as “Sparks” that Mashable has explained in a very nice way so head over and have a read of it. Also we know that this will be launching on mobile devices, we obviously expect it to hit Android first but we believe that they won’t limit themselves to just that OS, expect to see this across the board once it’s fully launched.

Do you think that Google may have just managed to create a network that will rise like Facebook did and perhaps even overtake it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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