Nokia N9 Price Revealed, Does Not Match Specs

There are many big smartphone names on the current market and to add to the ever expanding list, Nokia have just announced the new N9 with Meego OS. Reported just last week along with news that this will be the final device of its kind, one retailer within the UK has already got the handset priced up.

According to, the retailer in question is that of “superetrader,” with a fairly big price of £599.99, I think you would agree its quite hefty. When we clicked onto the webpage, it appears blank with no description of the phone along with no release date, so it begs the question of why a price has been listed?

In terms of specs, the Nokia N9 may not be a phone to stand out amongst its rival competition such as the Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation or even forthcoming iPhone 5 when its rumored to arrive September, but one feature that it may have going for it, is that of the camera which we have already compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S II. Reports suggest that the Nokia N9 can take a picture in a staggering 2.6 seconds, this is from the when the device is turned on to taking the image, far outweighing any of its rivals.

As well as this, expect to find a device with a 3.9-inch capacitive screen, 1GHz single core TI OMAP processor, 1GB of RAM, up to 64GB on board storage, near field communication (NFC) allowing you to make payments with your mobile handset, connectivity with WiFi, Meego OS and GPS.

Give us your thoughts on the new Nokia N9, and the price advertised? Would you be prepared to pay nearly £600, do the specs match this?

  • Anonymous

    £600 for a pretty coloured plastic phone with an average camera (compared to the N8)?
    These guys need to be reported to trading standards. But if that is the real price I think Elop must have been snorting the Finnish vodka again!

  • R

    Oh, totally.
    On the contrary, the iPhone 4 is very reasonably priced.