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Motorola Droid Bionic Anticipation: Compelling Reasons To Wait

June 28, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been following every twist and turn over the last few months to do with the Motorola Droid Bionic, through release delays, improvements and comparisons with other upcoming handsets. We know some of our readers are tired of the wait and anticipation but today we wanted to give you some compelling reasons why maybe you should wait a little longer.

Most recently we spoke about the release confusion surrounding the Bionic and asked if readers would rather wait even longer for an excellent device or have something half-baked. We know from the comments to that and many of our previous articles just how many of you are eagerly anticipating this notable handset coming to Verizon. Many have waited patiently up until now but plenty of you have decided that if the Bionic doesn’t see a release soon you’ll buy another smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Droid Charge.

Though it’s not for us to decide your choice of smartphone, if you’ve already waited this long for the Droid Bionic it would seem a bit of a shame not to see the finished improved device before you decide to opt for a different handset. We spotted an article by Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile who advises why consumers should consider waiting for the Droid Bionic release. For instance some people are saying they’re not bothered about a dual-core processor handset but in a year or so when your phone can’t utilize dual-core optimized apps you may change your mind. The Bionic with its dual-core processor won’t have you chewing at the bit wondering why you purchased a single-core processor phone.

Another issue is that some people referred to Verizon tiered data plans coming into effect on July 7 and felt they needed to buy their next phone before then but Mills points out that if you currently have a 3G phone with an unlimited data plan and have an upgrade even after July 7, to the Droid Bionic for example, you’ll be able to keep unlimited data pricing. You can see a Verizon tweet about this above. For those who feel they’ll get another 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon instead, the choices are the Samsung Droid Charge, the HTC Thunderbolt and the LG Revolution and although these are decent handsets they cannot hope to be as good as the all-singing, all-dancing Bionic when it’s finally released. At least that’s the theory!

Bearing this in mind we should remember that after the release confusion surrounding the Droid Bionic, Motorola really need to appease customers and deliver the goods. Because other manufacturers have got their 4G LTE phones out quicker, Motorola now has to play catch up and they will really need to impress. That said then, it’s likely (we hope), that the Droid Bionic on release will be an extremely notable handset that was well worth waiting for.

Finally for those of you who like to customize their smartphones there’s a possibility that the Droid Bionic may be supplied with an unlocked bootloader, although nothing has been confirmed on this yet. However, Motorola has previously said that it would start unlocking bootloaders in Q3 or Q4 so what better way could it reward loyal customers who’ve waited this long for the Droid Bionic, than releasing it with an unlocked bootloader.

Hopefully then you can see that there are some really good reasons why it may be worth hanging on for the Droid Bionic but we’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you willing to wait further or maybe you’ve already decided to purchase another smartphone instead? Let us know with your comments.

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