Facebook Advertising Evolution: Complete History Illustrated

Being a tech and social media site, Facebook is one of the subjects that we write most about and always seems to be generating more news. Recent posts have included its worth of $70 billion, a milestone of 750 million active monthly users reached and how social networking sites are receiving record traffic. The latest Facebook news concerns the complete history of Facebook advertising, illustrated in a useful infographic.

We also showed you an infographic recently detailing Facebook’s growth from dorm to IPO for more Facebook history and as well as 7.3% of the world’s population now using Facebook it has also grown into a mass marketing platform. It’s estimated that around $4 billion will be spent during this year on Facebook advertising. The infographic came to our attention from Sarah Kessler over on Mashable, in a Social Ad Series supported by LoopFuse and was designed by Emily Caufield. You can see the infographic next or head to the Mashable link above.

As you can see it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Facebook as far as advertising is concerned. The evolution of advertising on Facebook starts as you might expect in 2004 with the founding of Facebook and then in 2006 we see a partnership with J.P. Morgan, a one-year marketing agreement to promote the Chase credit card using banner ads. You can then follow the timeline of Facebook marketing right through to May 2011 where we see a test program launched to give Facebook Credits to those who watch particular ads.

The infographic concludes by showing figures of Facebook users across the years. It’s a fascinating depiction of Facebook advertising so take a look and let us know what you think of the way Facebook made its way with marketing over the years by letting us have your comments.