The Game Station: Sony PS2 Boasts Impressive Specs

There have been a lot of different types of games console being talked about recently. In the world of the handheld we have the Nintendo 3DS which has a glasses less 3D screen and then we have the Sony PlayStation Vita. Then we have the new Nintendo console and controller, the Nintendo Wii U which was showcased at E3 2011.

Now there’s something a little different, it certainly looks like a rehashed version of the Sony PS2 Slim. It’s the Game Station and it certainly boasts some impressive specs. It does everything that the PS2 did except for play the games! We all love to see these Chinese made consoles such as the iReadyGo which looks like a mashup of the Xbox 360 and the Sony NGP.

We learned of this device through an article by Glenn Santos over on Geeky-Gadgets who talks a little about the device as well as the fact that it would be fun to get one of these just to open it up. The original source is TechnaBob who tells us that this is pretty much a media player.

The Game Station can handle all sorts of different video formats as well as being able to play video at 720p resolution through its HDMI output. It can play those PlayStation originals from the PSOne along with flash games from versions 4 to 8. It has 4GB of Flash storage as well as an SD card slot that will support up to 32GB. If this is the sort of thing you have been looking for then you need to know that it will set you back $92 and you can pick it up from DealExtreme.

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