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Microsoft Changing Xbox Live Payment System- Benefits Developers

June 27, 2021 | Matt Tran

Microsoft look to be changing the way that their users buy their games by altering the payments system on Xbox Live. Since its launch it has been somewhat a closed system, however this switch will allow developers to set their own price band.

The changes made to the system will also see developers being able to support micropayments within games. Previously developers had to abide by Microsoft’s pre-defined price brackets when setting charges for games and downloads. Electric Pig reports that the current pricing model does not allow in game payments, which means that free to play games are unavailable.

It has been rumoured by Team Xbox that Microsoft will be launching a free to play version of Xbox Live. This could be of great benefit as many new gamers are skeptical over paying a £40 a year subscription for Xbox Live when Sony’s PSN is free. A free taste of the quality service that they are paying for may entice them to splash their money on Live when the free trial expires. It looks likely that Sony will make their PS3s much cheaper at around £179, so what kind of an impact will this have on Microsoft, will they make changes?

If reports are true and Microsoft allow developers to set their own prices then it could lead to price war which knocks down prices, but equally it could go the other way. The Microsoft points you earn in the game could also then gain more value so you can buy more content like map packs for cheaper. Let us know in the comments if you think developers should be given more control over payments in Xbox Live. Would you welcome the change?

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  • Jonathan Cordes

    The only way this will happen is if Microsoft will make more money through this system, they won’t do it if it loses them money.