iPhone 5 & iPad 3 LTE-Enabled: LulzSec Leak

Rumors have been rife surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 5, with what specs it will include to carriers, price, name and of course release date. Many of you who have been following the speculation will know that the latest is of a September launch which may have just pushed the iPod refresh out of the way. Alongside this, even before the iPad 2 came to our shores, news was already circling as to a new iPad 3 coming before the end of 2011.

Today if the latest rumors are anything to go by, both the iPhone and new iPad will come equipped as LTE devices. According to Pocketlint amongst other sources, hacker group LulzSec, responsible for the latest attacks on Sony, Nintendo, the US Senate network and so on, have now disbanded, but have left with one piece of leaked information. This comprises of an AT&T document, which has stated that 4G LTE is ready and waiting for the Apple devices.

Although a little confusing to some, mention of testing an iPad for “LTE Session Based Speed Tiers” and for the iPhone “LTE Phase 2,” may be familiar to the tech wizards amongst you.

As Phones Review reported, alongside this leaked information, the iPhone 5 was mentioned again as a September release, with news that the LTE network rollout will include 3 phases to it.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the 2 devices including 4G LTE? Can you see it being an inclusion this year or in 2012? Are you waiting for either of these?