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HTC EVO 3D Now Here: Your Initial Comments?

June 27, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

After a massive build-up the HTC EVO 3D 4G finally hit the shelves on Friday June 24, and with so much hype surrounding 3D technology at the moment the EVO had to impress as the first of its kind. With televisions supporting 3D but with the need for glasses, and Nintendos 3DS experiencing mixed reviews, HTC needed to take advantage of being the first glasses free 3D smart-phone available.

As reported by, Amazon listed the HTC device as their bestseller even before its official launch, selling more units than other smart-phones that were shipment ready. Since the first customers got their hands on the new device a few reviews have already surfaced, and the ratings look good.

Out of the initial 24 user comments through Amazon and Cnet, 15 scored the phone top marks at 5 out of 5, 8 owners only dropped 1 mark down to 4, while the remaining consumer marked it out at just 3 out of 5. So it would seem that users on the whole are more than impressed with HTC’s efforts.

Lets not forget that the EVO 3D isn’t just pushing its 3D technology without backing up its other features. Along with the glasses free addition the HTC packs enough spec to make some of the other smart-phone market blush.

Inside the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor, gives performance to match most others, while Android Gingerbread OS adds to the high-end spec list. Multiple tasks are completed with ease and super fast web browsing ensures that the user suffers no delays.

Obviously the 3D technology is the major selling point for the HTC, and its ability to capture 3D images, record in 3D video and playback in 3D without the need for glasses, will put the EVO ahead of its competitors. What we are interested in is your views, have you received your HTC EVO 3D yet? Tell us what your thoughts are so we can compare.

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