Facebook Use Initiative: GeoHot… You’re Hired

Some of you may remember the story of why the PSN was taken down, if not here’s a quick recap. Many believe the actions taken on Sony are because they have taken to court a young man who goes by the name of GeoHotz, the kid that hacked his own PS3 and released the jailbreak code on his website. Now Facebook has used their initiative in a Lord Alan Sugar style, GeoHot… You’re Hired!

This should be seen as an intelligent move although Sony probably aren’t too happy about it but if anything he will improve it will help to make Facebook more secure. This is a very different line of work but it truly shows that Facebook is looking to recruit young talent… GeoHot is undoubtedly talented.

We learned of his hiring through an article by Chris Davies over on Slashgear where he mentions that the role George Hotz will occupy still isn’t clear. The suspicions are that he will either be working on Project Spartan where HTML 5 will be used or maybe even on the iPad optimized Facebook app which has been in the pipeline for some time.

Of course he knows quite a lot about the Apple products as he was one of the first to hack the iPhone including unlocking the SIM-locked handsets so they were compatible with other networks. Confirmation of his new role broke through the Facebook account of George Hotz which you can view by clicking here (the link seems to have stopped working).

What do you think about GeoHotz being hired at Facebook? How do you think Sony feels about it? Let us know in the comments section below.