Facebook Scam: 99% Of People Can’t Watch More Than 25 Seconds

Already today we have reported on a Facebook scam titled “My First Baby Birth – Video” and now we have another to tell you about. It’s titled “99% of People Can’t Watch More than 25 Seconds” with a message saying “I dare you to watch more than 25 seconds from this video!” You can see what the wall post looks like below.

Facebook Scam: 99% Of People Can’t Watch More Than 25 Seconds

It looks a lot like another that we have talked about which was “The Most Provokative Video Ever” and if you have clicked on the above Facebook wall post then you will have been directed to something that looks like a seedy video with a button on it. The button is the user input that they need to move you to the next page.

If you have clicked the button then you will have now posted the same scam on your Facebook page and will be suitably embarrassed. You will have also been directed to the actual scam which is a survey where they try to nab your details… Never fill these in. You can see an image of the survey below.

To remove the likejacked scam from your Facebook wall you will need to navigate to it and then click on the “X” on the top right hand corner of it and then select the mark as spam option. You can also follow this guide which will tell you about the next steps in getting rid of these pesky scams.

Have you seen this one going around? Share this article with your friends who have been affected and help raise the awareness of it. Tell us how often you have seen this scam in the comments section below.

  • Anonymous

    Thx for the article. I clicked on the link that said “most people can not watch this video more than 25 seconds” while surfing Facebook on my iPhone, but when I got to the next page it seemed like BS so I never clicked on the video. I then clicked away and didn’t think anything about it. I then noticed that my FB profile had the same link on top of it, as if I had posted it or recommended it. I immediately deleted the post from my page and changed my FB PW from my CPU.

    Do you know if a) iPhones/Mobile Phones can be affected by this virus or malware? and b) is there any chance I was affected by it even though I didn’t click on the video after having clicked the link from my FB page? I looked for a virus scanner for my iPhone (which is not jailbroken in case that matters), but can’t find any. Most comments I see about it suggest that it’s very unlikely that non-jailbroken iPhones get virus/malware.