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1.4GHz Galaxy S2 (S II) Is Being Readied: iPhone 5 Competitor

June 27, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been one of the most successful handsets since its release certainly in the UK. It topped the UK sales chart where the iPhone 4 had a firm grip on things which is when we realized just how well HTC was doing. Now we have news that a 1.4GHz Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) is being readied to be an iPhone 5 competitor.

Perhaps this is based on knowledge that Samsung may have gained even though they were denied a look at the new iPhone and iPad models. We have learned through an article over on ElectricPig by Nick Marshall that we should expect to see a 1.4GHz processor up from the 1.2GHz that we find in the current model. They have sourced PhoneArena who say that perhaps we will see a slight overclocking with NFC capabilities.

This would be an interesting move from Samsung as we were already expecting an updated model based on the success they are seeing from the current one. If we will see an updated version then expect it to be running on Android’s latest OS which will be Ice Cream Sandwich and hopefully some other beefed up specifications to really compete.

The rumors say that either the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 (two different models) will be released in September after neither of them were showcased at WWDC 2011. The expectations are that the iPhone 4S will be an updated, upgraded version of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 will have a complete redesign.

This will be music to the XDA developer’s ears as they will undoubtedly fancy tinkering with the device and will get the most out of the processor. When this bad boy makes it to market we expect to see good sales but it really depends on what the iPhone 5 has in store for us. As you are probably aware, Apple is pretty impressive at keeping things under wraps until they want the world to know about them.

Do you think these rumors are true? Would you like to see an upgraded Galaxy S II? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Morgan Skakun

    I believe it is something that Samsung would do but I think it might sound to good to be true. Personally, I’d like to just see a Galaxy 2 period.

  • Courtney Evans

    I was solely going to get an iPhone 5 but if the Galaxy is proven to be better then I’ll probably get that.

  • Ross Binkley

    I would just like to finally see a regular Galaxy S II in the U.S. in the first place. It’s been elsewhere for 2 months and I refuse to wait until after Verizon gets rid of their unlimited data plan.

  • Josh W

    most of the iphone sales are going pre existing iphone users and most of the sales of the Galaxy S 2 are going to go mainly to android users so all these pre release sales battles are getting old android is better for one reason and one reason only its openess. not being restricted soley to the android market or whatever google music store android cooks up to compete with itunes. And its obvious that though the iphone may be a great improvement over the 4th gen theres always the restrictions thatll keep ppl like me far away from an iphone not to mention that as far is OS features right now apples playing catchup

  • Paul C

    Samsung just give me a date!!!! My guess is they are waiting because they want to be sure they have the edge on the iPhone 5.
    But clearly they can only wait so long.
    Plus I am sure the major carriers like Sprint and Verizon will have slightly different case appearance and network tweaks.
    Bottom line is, I assume I am like a lot of other Galaxy S2 or Hercules committed buyers, just waiting/watching for real news on the availability date.
    Maybe Samsung has a production issue and knows it currently cannot fill the pent-up demand. Whatever the reason I believe it all works in their (Samsung) favor.
    Great Product just want to get mine… sooner rather than later.

  • Jonathan Recinos

    SPECULATION! Perhaps this is the USA version of the SGSII and will be released before August? Near definitely not, but I can dream.

  • Devotuned

    all this waiting to see if they have the upper hand is annoying. Just release it already! Either you’re confident in your product or you’re not and it looks like they’re not. Iphones come out once a year for cryin out loud. If you want to one up them, I’m sure you’ll have time! More time if you would just release this phone!

  • iPhone5 Reviewed

    I will be very interesting to see when the Galaxy two will be released. I have a feeling that they might deliberately hold it back and release it along with the iphone 5…giving Apple a run for their money