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Motorola Droid Bionic Release Confusion: Wait or Half-Baked?

June 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been keeping readers informed with Motorola Droid Bionic developments for some time and know how eagerly awaited this handset is, despite the delays for ‘enhancements’ and the mystery surrounding a final release date. However today we’re asking readers, wouldn’t you prefer a brilliant Droid Bionic on final release rather than a half-baked device with problems?

Recently we gave you the latest news that Motorola had tweeted a message to reassure consumers that the Droid Bionic would still be coming so at least we know it is on the way and Motorola also confirmed a summer release. Maybe there’s not too much longer to wait then, although it would have been better to have been given a firmer release date. You might imagine the Droid Bionic would be rushed out on Verizon to take advantage of the gap left by the non-appearance of the Apple iPhone 5, now thought to be due in the fall. However, ultimately do we really want a product to be hurried and maybe still have some failings? My gut feeling is that although many people feel they have waited for the Droid Bionic for too long, they’d rather have a satisfying finished product.

Certainly for Verizon and Motorola though, the sooner the release the better, to get a head start on sales over other upcoming smartphones. It would be hoped for instance, that the Bionic might be ready to compete against the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II), rumored for US release next month, and yesterday we gave you details of a sales showdown between the two handsets in which it seems that the Galaxy S2 would come out on top. However the rumors of a US release next month for the Galaxy S2 are merely speculation at this point and if it comes later rather than sooner and Verizon and Motorola finally launch the Bionic next month the Bionic would stand more of a fighting chance. This would certainly benefit Verizon too as the Galaxy S2 is rumored to be coming to all the major U.S. carriers so sales for that handset will be split, while the Bionic will just be carried be Verizon.

Verizon and Motorola need to be very careful though as stated previously, of dashing out the Bionic merely to exploit the void before the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 5 release. Since the Bionic was held back for enhancements rumors of the new improved Bionic have included an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture to match that on the Galaxy S2, redesigned chassis, possibly a larger 4.5-inch display and running the latest Android OS, so if these rumors are accurate the ‘new’ Droid Bionic could certainly be well worth the wait.

Ultimately then we reckon we’d rather wait for an excellent Droid Bionic rather than an unfinished version that may have problems and that would surely be the best option for Verizon and Motorola, as well as consumers. Rushing out a half-baked device will only damage the Droid Brand as well as Verizon’s reputation, although we’d still like to see it sooner rather than later. We’d like to know your thoughts on this. Wait or half-baked? Let us have your comments.

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  • Zach D Lasky

    i wouldnt mind it coming out close to being finished and Motorola/Verizon releasing updates. I may need select a different phone because im not waiting past July 7 for this device and i would consider replace my choice for 35 for this only if its within the 14 days

  • Cindy

    I’m very tired of waiting for the bionic, and continuing with my present phone (almost 3 years old}. If the i-phone 5 comes out sooner, I’ll buy it instead.

  • Paul McCarthy

    Your article presents a false dichotomy. It’s not a matter of waiting or getting a half-baked device. The fact of the matter is that at this point we’re months out from when AT&T received a dual-core, 4G device (the Atrix). The other networks now feature 4G, dual-core devices and Big Red doesn’t have one yet. At this point it’s not a matter of waiting or getting a half-baked device, it’s a matter of our network not featuring a device that has current, up-to-date technology in it (a decent amount of RAM, a dual-core processor, and 4G capabilities). This isn’t just about the Bionic though, it’s about their entire line-up of phones. At this point it’s not appropriate to be speculating about “half-baked” devices and asking the world to wait and wait and wait some more. That ship sailed 3 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter to me when they release the Bionic, sooner or later, I want it right. Verizon is bringing LTE to Honolulu on July 21st, so anytime after that is fine with me. My Droid X is serving me very will and I keep it until my next phone. (Whenever that will be)

  • Anonymous

    I want it right. NOW. God this droid 1 is driving me crazy. I scream at it at least twice a day. 2 years is a LOOONNNGGG TIME. July 7…i might put it off a little longer…

  • Anonymous

    V has let us all down. The recent Charge doesn’t even have a call or message indicator light, and isn’t dual core. How ridiculous is that?? It is a given that I expect the device to work and it had better work well. This would be my device of choice. I don’t want to schlepp a notepad. I want fast internet access, and excellent video/ photo quality-plus reasonable batt. life.

    I’m still using my Tour-So you know how frustrated I am.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not out by July 7 I’ll get something different. I wonder what is so difficult about a projected release date. Four or five months after it finally comes out somebody will top it anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what tool would want the ‘half-baked’ version unless of course they were ‘half-baked’ to start with. I hope moto comes out with a spectacular phone and makes our wait worth while. If not, this 10 plus year customer of moto will be walking to find another company to support.

  • BrianB13

    Such impatience by people here; “If it’s not out by July 7th, I’ll get something different” That’s what Verizon wants you to do. They don’t want to give out release dates on Bionic and Galaxy S II because they don’t want you to wait, they want to move the phones they have now. Its a smart business move. There will be plenty of people like me that will wait.

    So for all of you that just can’t wait or think you must have an unlimited data plan, I will be thinking about you in late August when I have the Bionic or Galaxy S II and you still have a single core battery draining phone. Of course, you could spend another $600 to get a dual core phone when they come out. Hmmm, how many gig could you download for $600 dollars?

    It is silly to compare the two phones especially when you don’t know what the specs will finally be or how well either phone will work on the Verizon 4G LTE network as there are no dual core phones that run on it yet.

  • Blaise Banko

    this is ridiculous, who cares about competition. Get the damn phone out and start working on a new one already. In todays day and age where in a couple months your phone wont be looked at as new anymore, you’re gonna win some and lose some, its not gonna hurt verizon their a billion dollar industry for crying out loud. if you lose customers then win them back with a brand new phone you could be working on now instead of working on finishing touches on the same phone for 7 months.

  • Anonymous

    It very well may be a smart business move in your opion…but they need to give a release date….

  • Chris DiStefano

    Verizon is not dumb. Theya re qaiting to release allm the good phones until after they have adopted teired pricing on the 7th of July. Then all the techie early adopters with the cool fast hpones will get killed with overage data charges. Unfortunately it is either single core 4g, or dual core 3g for me.

  • Mark Watson

    A lot of people feel as you do. There is a good deal of frustration with Verizon nationwide these days.

  • Blake Robinson

    You might as well start walking now because Motorola doesn’t listen to their customers about unlocked bootloaders. In fact, they side-stepped the customers by saying it is the phone company’s decision to whether have the bootloader unlocked or not instead of just enforcing the policy of having an unlocked bootloader. Since Verizon is Motorola’s biggest partner they didn’t want to upset them by making it mandatory for unlocked bootloaders to be allowed so customers can’t root their phone and try to exchange a bricked phone for a new one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting but its killing me. However if the bionic has any issues what so ever then I’ll be the one doing the killing. I’m sick of this crap that Verizon and Motorola are pulling. This phone should have been released already. 5G is just around the corner what the hell are they waiting for. Also none of the 4G phones are global ready and they don’t skype, that sucks.

  • Steve Averett

    I’m in the same boat. Bought original Droid the day it came out (Nov 6, 2021). My new every two comes up July 6, so I have no reason to be impatient until then. Hopefully the Bionic will come out July 7 and the timing will be perfect. I will have had to “wait” exactly 1 day. After that, I will be getting really really impatient.

  • jayson casavant

    seriously?? after all these delays the options are wait longer or half baked? The Atrix (basically the “original” bionic ) has been out for months. Enough half baked release date rumors. Scrap it or release it. The whole thing stinks of verizon just attempting to push through existing inventory. I am so sick of waiting I may go to the Samsung out of spite.

  • Ross Binkley

    I don’t want to wait because I want to get a smartphone before Verizon’s unlimited data plans are no more. I plan to buy my first smartphone next weekend. If the Bionic or the Galaxy S 2 is out, either one, I’ll buy it. If not, I’m leaning toward the Charge. However, buying the Charge next weekend would allow me to secure my unlimited data plan and also take advantage of Verizon’s 14-day exchange policy to swap it for the Bionic or the Galaxy S 2 if either is released in the next 3 weeks. A firm release date would definitely be nice, though.

  • Ross Binkley

    As an embedded systems engineer, I know all about why a release date is difficult. Code is done when it’s done and not before. It’s difficult to project this, especially in the late stages of development where most of the work is closing out bugs. In order to know how long it’s going to take to fix a bug, you have to know how to solve it. However, figuring out how to solve it is the most time-consuming part, usually by at least an order of magnitude or more. It’s often the case that you spend a week or longer trying to figure out why something is happening and then end up changing 1 or 2 lines of code to fix it. I had a co-worker once who spent 4 or 5 months trying to track down a bug in a major real-time data collection system for aerospace testing and ended up fixing it by moving a line of code down 2 or 3 lines. Having said that, I’m completely with you that if it’s not out by July 7, I’ll also be getting something different. However, if it comes out within 14 days of that, I’ll probably use Verizon’s exchange policy to switch to it. I’m giving them until next weekend and, if I don’t hear a release date of the Bionic or Galaxy S 2 by then, I’ll be buying a current phone (probably the Charge… I really like Samsung’s screens.)

  • Ross Binkley

    That’s great for those of you who are just upgrading (and normally, as an engineer myself, I would completely agree with your sentiment of wanting to get it right before release,) but for those of us who will be getting our first smartphone, we need it before next Wednesday when Verizon ditches their unlimited data plan. If I don’t get a smartphone before July 7, then I’ll probably just continue to use my regular phone. No way I’m paying $30/mo for only 2 GB. With 4G speeds, you can use the entire 2 GB in right at 20 minutes.

  • Ross Binkley

    Comparing to AT&T’s “4G” isn’t that great, though. Verizon’s LTE owns from everything I’ve seen, heard, or read about it. 14 Mbps on a phone is just awesome. That’s not too much less than what my cable modem gets (not even enough to notice a difference unless you’re downloading a large file.) I do want a dual-core phone with LTE, though I will be forced to settle for a single-core if they don’t launch the Bionic or Galaxy S 2 before July 7.

  • Ross Binkley

    Agreed completely. I’m in the same situation as you. I do hope either Bionic or Galaxy S 2 comes out within 3 weeks, though.

  • Danielle Kozel

    I def would rather wait till it is complete. I have to wait until August 15th or so anyway. I just really hope it is out by then!!

  • Bill

    Sick of waiting. i feel they are holding back to sell as many lesser feature phones as they can. I don’t want one of theme that I have to live with for two years. i will probably get the first of these out, the IPhone 5, Droid Bionic, or the galaxy S2.