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Facebook Reaches Milestone of 750 Million Monthly Active Users

June 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Facebook continues to be one of our most popular topics here on OSM and news today is of yet another milestone reached for the popular social networking site. Only a short time ago we spoke of how the site was approaching 700 million users but that growth may be slowing down. However we have now heard that the site now has 750 million monthly active users.

Just two days ago we bought news of an intriguing infographic charting the progress of Facebook from dorm to its upcoming IPO, so this news of the staggering amount of numbers now using Facebook is rather timely. The company itself has not confirmed the figure but says it has nothing to announce yet, however Facebook has not confirmed user numbers since the site reached 500 million users last year.

News of the 750 million monthly active users came to us from Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch and originated from a “source close to the company.” TechCrunch believes that Facebook may not confirm any user statistics now until the magic one billion milestone is reached. A leaked Goldman Sachs report this January put the numbers of users at 600 million so that’s an additional 150 million users in around 6 months, which is pretty amazing. In late May it was reported by Socialbakers that the site had achieved around 700 million users.

If you’re a Facebook user you may also be interested in our roundup from earlier today about Facebook scams. What are your thoughts on yet another impressive Facebook milestone? Could any of us have imagined a few short years ago that any social network would ever be so phenomenally popular? Let us know with your comments.

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