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Winklevoss Twins Quit Facebook Legal Battle

June 24, 2021 | Matt Tran

Over the past few months we have been keeping you up to date with the Winklevoss twins legal claim against Facebook. We saw how they were refused more money by a judge and then how they even came back again to try and land another wad of cash that they believe they are owed.

Finally Tyler and Cameron have given up on their pursuit of extorting Mark Zuckerberg by ending the long legal battle. The twins initially settled with Facebook back in 2008 for a reported $200 million according to Mashable. However the rich boys were not happy with that and tried to go back for more when they found how the site’s value had skyrocketed.

The brothers claimed that Zuckerberg defrauded them on the true value of the site and its stock, with their $200 million payout looking like pocket change compared to the estimated $50 billion value Facebook has now. Facebook are currently dealing with another legal challenge from Paul Ceglia who is claiming he is owed 50% of the company.

The twins voiced their intention to take the case to the US supreme court, however after careful consideration decided to abandon their claim and not take it any further. It is likely that the Winklevii will return for another slice of Facebook’s pie in the future, but they ever come out with anything having already settled? Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments, has watching The Social Network movie changed your opinion?

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