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Republican Presidential Twitter Debate Set For July 20

June 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The growing social media effect on politics has really been evident over the last few weeks. We’ve seen the Weinergate Twitter scandal, reported on the White House on Facebook, noted the GOP debate impact on Twitter and also saw who came out of it best, according to Facebook. Today we have news about a Republican presidential candidate debate to take place on Twitter on July 20.

Regular Twitter users will be able to follow the debate on their usual client and an extra site will also be established for people to follow what goes on with separate column streams with tweets shown from moderators, the debaters and others who want to tweet their views. The site is, which is currently only in demo mode and Adam Green of 140 Dev, LLC, a consulting company, helped to create the platform for the debate.

Green explains, “We basically have an online tool that tracks all tweets for a specific account name and hashtag. It takes all those tweets, aggregates them into a database, separates the ones who are the lead speakers and puts them in one stream, and then puts the others in a separate stream,” according to Radhika Marya over on Mashable. A separate Twitter account @140townhall will also receive related tweets. After the debate is done and dusted people who log onto the website will still be able to see stats and tweets and see how the debate developed.

As actual presidential candidates, rather than their representatives, have never taken part in this form of debate before a system has been established so that the candidates can come up with some sort of strategy beforehand. Green said, “We realize that debating on Twitter is something that no candidate, no politician has ever done. It seems they’d want to practice that.” The Twitter debate on July 20 is to be hosted by Rusty Humphries and Republican candidates such as Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain are taking part along with other major candidates. The event is being sponsored by

What are your thoughts on this Twitterverse Republican debate? Will you be following the debate on the day or checking in afterwards to see how the candidates fared? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Rick Ladd

    I’m glad to see one side of our corporatocracy is taking the plunge. Social media tends to increase democracy (though doesn’t guarantee it), which ought to scare the daylights out of most of these politicians. Should be faskinatin’.