Phone Charging Via Touchscreen Possible- Play Angry Birds?

Don’t you just hate being out and about and running out of battery? If only there was a way you could walk around the shops and charge up your smartphone, short of wires and a spare battery. Well there may soon be a way.

Electric Pig reports that scientists have discovered a breakthrough in technology which if successful would change the way we all use our smartphones. With touchscreen handsets a small electrical charge is given off every time a small amount of pressure is exerted on the display, meaning the phone will slightly charge when the screen is touched.

This effectively means that we can charge our mobile phones by playing touchscreen games like Angry Birds. According to PC World the Australian scientists who are testing the new technology are using Piezoelectric materials generate electricity from mechanical energy, that being a touch, swipe or form of other movement. The only problem is the materials required to generate a large amount of energy are very big.

Researchers have now reportedly been able to develop a nano-film of a piezoelectric material called PSZT, which can gather 0.25w from the slightest touch. Although only a minor amount of power is being generated, the researches are confident they can increase it to a required level. It is looking like an ambitious project but a very possible one. How do you like the sound of charging your phone on the go by playing Angry Birds? Let your thoughts be known in the comments.