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Microsoft Deny Taking Advantage Of Sony’s PSN Outage

June 24, 2021 | Matt Tran

With the PlayStation Network outage tragedy last month there has been plenty of time to reflect since service resumed. We saw many frustrated users on Sony’s network reverting back to the Xbox 360, slamming the security of the PS3. Microsoft has now spoken on the matter, strongly claiming they do not want to even be seen to be taking advantage of Sony’s misfortune.

Microsoft stayed relatively quiet during the PSN outage to seemingly avoid attention and suggestion they are taking advantage. Tech Radar has reported that the Microsoft chief operations officer, Dennis Durkin has now broken the company’s silence over the matter claiming that “It’s bad for the industry”. Bad for the industry but good for Microsoft as it now turns out.

The Xbox officer went on to say that “he did not wish that (PSN hack) upon anybody” and it is not in their DNA to do so. The PSN is back up and running with Sony dishing out compensation for its affected users in the form of a welcome back package which gives an option of 5 free games to download with a choice of 2.

Despite all that has gone on over the 23 day saga, Durkin claimed that Xbox do all they can to protect their users data however admitted it is also the responsibility of the consumer to protect themselves. He stated an example of not using the same passwords on your important accounts, Kotaku has reported. So far 3 Anonymous members have been arrested in Spain on suspicion, whilst a 19 year old member of LulzSec has been taken in, here in the UK.

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