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iPhone 5 Release for Europe: Twice as Likely to Buy Than Android

June 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner

It sometimes seems as though we’ve been writing about the Apple iPhone 5 since the launch of the iPhone 4 but we know many of you are interested in hearing all the latest news and speculation. However the rumor mill has currently hit overtime with more and more reports pointing towards the next iPhone being launched in September. We now have news of a study showing that when the iPhone 5 is released in Europe consumers are twice as likely to buy it than an Android phone.

This is a pretty staggering statistic especially as in our recent roundup of Android competition to the iPhone 5 we wrote about the many impressive Android smartphones now available or upcoming. We also wrote about features that the iPhone 5 needs to fight off the Android competition but of course although we think we have some idea of what’s coming for the next iPhone, nothing is yet confirmed. The latest rumor regarding specs and features is about a dual-LED flash but as always this is speculation for now.

News of the study regarding European smartphone buyers comes to us from Todd Haselton over on BGR. The Yankee Group’s 2011 European Mobile User Study was compiled from 5,000 consumers, 2,250 employees and also “IT decision makers” from selected European countries. Early findings from the study show that a huge 40% of European smartphone users plan on making the next iPhone their choice of purchase, with only 19% intending to purchase an Android handset. Another 17% said they would go for a BlackBerry and 15% will purchase a Nokia phone.

Over on Apple Insider, Josh Ong also reports on the findings from this study and points to reports from analysts that after 2 years of growth for Androids, the platform is set to lose some of its market share gains. There’s an interesting graph at the link above where you can see iPhone market share for different regions. You may also want to check out our recent article where we told how Apple could now afford to buy out most of the mobile phone industry with its spare cash!

Although the amount of European smartphone users who will opt for the next iPhone sounds remarkably high, in reality we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the statistics turn out to be accurate. We wonder what you think about this though, so do let us have your comments. If you’re in Europe for instance, will you be choosing the iPhone 5 as your next smartphone purchase?

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