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Cheaper £179 PS3s Coming August- Effect On Xbox?

June 24, 2021 | Matt Tran

With endless comparisons between the PS3 and Xbox 360 always surfacing, it looks like the 2 games consoles could soon be reaching common ground. The price has at times been one of the deciding factors in why there are more Xbox 360 than PlayStation 3 owners, but now it looks like both could be on equal par.

Microsoft’s popular console normally ranges from £130-200 depending on memory size and bundles, however Sony’s console is more expensive. The average PS3 will range from £230-300 again depending on size and other goodies that are thrown in to sweeten the deal. Electric Pig now reports that come August, Sony will drop the price of their consoles, with suggestions that some retailers could sell for as low as £179!

The general feeling is that £30 will be knocked off the price, making the PS3 cost around £200. T3 expects the price to be cut further in the run up to Christmas. That is still a very tasty saving considering how much you get from the console; is this another form of apology from Sony for those that were devastated by the PlayStation Network hacking? Microsoft recently announced that they did not take advantage of Sony’s misfortune and would not wish it upon anyone. A new super slim version of the PS3 could soon be heading to the UK.

Will this price slash now tempt loyal Xbox players to shift from their current platform? We are aware that many gamers have both consoles, however there are also a majority that religiously go with either one or the other. Will Sony’s action also have a knock on effect and prompt Microsoft to make changes to their current layout. I am sure that their users would love the idea of free Xbox Live, although it is highly unlikely. Let us know your thoughts on this if you own either or both consoles. What would you like to see added or changed?

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