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LinkedIn Study Shows Men Are Savvier Networkers Than Women

June 23, 2021 | Matt Tran
LinkedIn Study Shows Men Are Savvier Networkers Than Women

Social business site LinkedIn has conducted a survey to determine who is better at networking, men or women? The results show that men are indeed better, with women proving more savvy in but a few other industries.

LinkedIn’s study was to determine which the of the sexes had the most “networking savviness”, according to Mashable where you can see a full breakdown of the data. This was worked out by calculating the number of connections that men and women had, also comparing the ratio of male to female members. A woman can for example be defined as “female savvy” if she has around 70% of connections in an industry that contains 45% of women.

Surprisingly LinkedIn’s survey shows that men are better networkers in the cosmetics industry than women. Women appear to be better in the tobacco industry, LinkedIn has revealed. You can also get neutral industries which means that the percentage of that sex equaled up to the percentage of their connections.

LinkedIn actually had to determine the sex of their users by guessing, as their members are not required to reveal their sex to avoid things like discrimination. The site worked out what sex a person was by their first name which works but can get tricky with names like “Jordan” for example which could be of either gender. Is this really an efficient way of determining whether men or women are better than networking? Let us know if you think LinkedIn’s research adds up by leaving a comment.

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