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David Haye In Trouble Over Posting Rude Twitter Joke

June 23, 2021 | Matt Tran

Boxing champion David Haye is a well known member of the Twitter community, but he has landed himself in a spot of trouble after posting a funny but distasteful joke on his personal account.

The spotlight is firmly fixed on Haye with his hugely anticipated fight against Wladimir Klitschko coming up on July 2nd. The rude joke with strong language was seen by his 200,000 followers and he now faces disciplinary action over the tweet. The Telegraph reports that Robert Smith, secretary of the British Boxing Board has described the gag as “crazy and unnecessary”.

Haye’s opponent in the £50 million fight had previously mocked him over his Twitter account and all of this followers, so getting in trouble over said account would be bad press for the WBA World Heavyweight Champion. Klitschko will be hoping that all of this media attention could take Haye’s focus off of the fight, to gain an advantage. We have seen stars like Rihanna and Wayne Rooney rant on the microblogging service.

In case you had not already seen the joke, we will tell you now courtesy of ESPN; however if you are easily offended do not read on. Haye tweeted: “Wife walk into bedroom & says to husband, ‘Shall I slip into something that will make you smile?’ Hubby replies, ‘Yes. A coma u ****!’” Is that acceptable coming from a professional of Haye’s stature? Leave us your thoughts on this and tell us if you think the champ needs to be punished.

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  • matt m

    Ohhh its just a joke get over it….hasnt anyone got more important things to sort out and worry about?