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Apple Vs Microsoft Rival Fight: Developments Displayed

June 23, 2021 | Debbie Turner

If you’re a regular reader of OSM you’ll notice we have a penchant for a good infographic. Earlier today we brought you an infographic, a pictorial way of displaying information in an easily-digestible form, about Facebook from dorm to IPO. However, the infographic we have details of for you now, is one of the most detailed we’ve ever seen and makes for fascinating perusal. It shows the Apple vs. Microsoft rival fight and all the developments over the years displayed.

The infographic was created by Manolution and brought to our attention by Paul Lamkin of Pocket-Lint and to say it’s comprehensive is understating things as it details 27 years of stock valuations and 90 entries on a timeline. You can view the infographic in full at either the Pocket-Lint or Manolution links above. If you can’t wait to see who’s doing best (most of you probably already know) then skip to the end to see the historical stock line evidence, but if you do that you’ll miss out on a fascinating look along the way.

The infographic starts with a pie chart illustrating the marketshare of both Apple and Microsoft as of May 2011 and then details the native internet browser market share with IE on 48% and Safari on 5%. We then see details of the smartphone OS market share and also the market share for MP3 players. The exhaustive timeline begins in 1984 when in November Apple bought every advertising page in a post-election edition of Newsweek at a cost of $2.5 million. This was to endorse the first Macintosh computer. Further along the timeline we see Steve Jobs resigning in 1985 and later that same year Microsoft launched Windows 1.0.

The whole history of the saga between these two tech giants then unfolds and concludes with Microsoft introducing Windows Phone 7 last year and then the iPad 2 being announced this year by Apple, followed by further announcements from Apple about iCloud, OS X Lion and iOS 5. I know I do get rather excited about infographics but this is actually quite stunning in the amount of information it contains and hats off to

Take a good look at the infographic at either of the links and you’ll see what I mean. Are you surprised by all the trials and tribulations that have beset these mammoth companies? Where will the stock values be in another 27 years? Nobody knows but it sure is interesting to think about. Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments.

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