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U.S. 4 Big Carriers & Smartphones Take On Apple iPhone 5

June 22, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Things are afoot in the smartphone world, with the soon to be released big players for each of the four major carriers. This will no doubt stir up a few things and possibly get people moving between suppliers in order to obtain the device that they require.

As Headline News reports, it is hard enough for consumers to select their next upgrade, but with a little patience they will be in for a choice of the latest, most advanced smartphones to hit the market. These new devices will be after the main contender, Apple’s iPhone, which is still managing to dominate this sector.

Why don’t we just take a moment to run through what each carrier will be providing us in the very near future. Starting with Verizon and their soon to be released Motorola Droid Bionic which at the moment is lacking in any real solid spec list, but will be packing dual-core processing power and the benefits of 4G LTE connectivity.

While talking about Verizon you have to think about AT&T, who are preparing themselves for the Samsung Galaxy S2 arrival. Now obviously the S2 needs no real introduction as we all know it has its sights firmly fixed on the iPhone camp.

Next up is Sprint with their Motorola Photon 4G, which has slipped into the limelight as Motorola’s very first WiMAX-capable device, again pushing its power through a dual-core processor linked to its Android 2.3. Finishing up the group is T-Mobile and their Google Nexus 3 smartphone, which Gizmo Crunch compared to Apple’s not yet released iPhone 5. This latest smartphone from Google is rumored to be the Cali Companies main competitor, although the spec and performance reported from the Samsung could also see it taking top spot.

So which one will get your vote? Will it come down to handset choice or carrier loyalty? Following your decision will likely be a 2 year contract, so choose wisely.

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