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Facebook Phishing Alert: Bogus CNN Video

Facebook Phishing Alert: Bogus CNN Video

Here at OSM one of our biggest goals over the last few months has been to try and keep our readers up to date with all the latest Facebook scams/viruses and malware, in our quest to make everyone of you guys out there aware of these we have brought you news on a number of these.

The most recent of these scams we have brought you were the viral Facebook scam, dad walking in on his daughter and Justin Bieber punching Selena Gomez, today we have some news of the latest Facebook phishing scam to bring you which involves a bogus CNN video.

According to this recent post from Facecrooks.com this scam is the latest of many that is currently doing the rounds on the world’s most popular social network. As you can see from the picture below users are enticed to click on the link as they think they are clicking through to watch a genuine CNN video.

Once this link is clicked on you will then be redirected to another page which is designed to look like the Facebook login page, although it looks like the genuine thing if you look at the pages URL you will notice that it reads fuizuebooks.com/update/index6.php.

If you find yourself in this situation it is absolutely important that you do not enter your login information, if you were unaware that you were not on the legitimate Facebook site and happened to enter your login details don not worry.

In order to reclaim back your hacked account the first thing you must do is change your password, in most cases if an account is hacked this is the first thing that the hacker will change. Secondly you should notify all of your friends so that they cannot be duped by any malicious links the hacker may send them, finally it’s always a good idea to scan your computer with an up to date antivirus. If you need any more help you can check out this post from our very own Tim Ollason.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam like this? Do you think Facebook should do more to stop them?

Let us know your thoughts below