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LulzSec & Anonymous: Cyber-Terrorists Join Forces

June 21, 2021 | Tim Ollason
LulzSec & Anonymous: Cyber-Terrorists Join Forces

Since Sony began taking action against people such as GeoHot who managed to exploit his Sony PS3 by unlocking its holy grail allowing it to be jailbroken. This prompted other hackers to take action against Sony from different hackers and hacking groups. Now we have heard that LulzSec & Anonymous have joined forces so expect to see even more cyber-terrorism.

Anonymous are the group believed to be behind Sony having to take their PSN down after their servers were compromised, they have also been behind a few others. LulzSec are the new group on the block and they’ve been creating havoc online in recent times.

LulzSec has attacked various websites and servers using different methods, Sony was one of the first to take the hit as LulzSec took snippets of Sony’s data and then published it which was later confirmed as accurate. They were also kind enough to point out a few security flaws to the NHS system without actually attacking them.

We first learned of it through Gizmodo who added an article with the actual words written by LulzSec where they talk about #AntiSec where they are encouraging anyone to attack any government or agency that may cross your path. They then go on to say “To increase efforts, we are now teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships.” Keep an eye on LulzSec’s Twitter account for further updates.

What do you think of these two hacker groups joining forces? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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  • Darrell

    Maybe it will make them easier to catch.