Social Media Marketing Hit Campaigns: Pick of the Best

Here at OSM we often write about social media campaigns and social media marketing and earlier today told of the new initiative between Lady Gaga and MAC Cosmetics to benefit HIV and AIDS-related charities. We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a pick of the best successful social media campaigns and appreciate how they are becoming increasingly innovative.

The campaigns looked at used social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others and an article by Erica Swallow over on Mashable rounded up some that are well worth a look and outlines the campaigns. One of these is probably known by most and it’s the Edge Shave Gel #soirritating Twitter campaign. The @EdgeShaveZone Twitter account handed out random acts of kindness as part of its Anti-Irritation Campaign. Mentions of irritation across Twitter, mostly using the #soirritating hashtag, were monitored to deal out these random acts. For example one guy was irritated that he had run out of cereal and Edge Shave Gel sent him a plentiful supply. Other random acts of kindness handed out have been iPads, megaphones and Dancing Panda YouTube videos and the campaign has been so successful that it will be extended through 2011.

Another hit was the Barbie and Ken reunion campaign, which used social media marketing to follow whether Ken could win back Barbie after his New Year’s Resolution to do so. This timed nicely with the release of the Sweet Talkin’ Ken doll and Mattel ran social media accounts for Ken and Barbie across various platforms and those interested could also take part in proceedings at You may be interested to hear that Barbie and Ken did indeed reunite and now share Barbie’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Another great campaign involves sock puppets and Ford to promote the 2012 Ford Focus. A puppet called Doug is the core of the campaign that makes use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and Doug’s sidekick is a human called John. They travel the country in a Ford Focus and keep in touch with consumers through social channels. This campaign has been thought of as a risky move for Ford as it’s anything but Ford’s traditional kind of marketing but it’s set to run until the end of 2011 and so far so good. The goal was to reach 10,000 total Facebook fans for instance, but after 4 weeks Doug already had 35,000 fans and it seems that the slightly irreverent style of humor used has hit the right note with followers.

You can see much more in-depth information about these campaigns plus others at the earlier Mashable link and looking over the different styles of the campaigns it’s obvious that social media marketing has come a long way and will continue to evolve in an exciting future. Let us know what you think of these innovative campaigns and others that you think are worth a mention by sending us your comments.