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PS3 Hacker Going To Jail: Will LulzSec Express Their Opinion?

June 20, 2021 | Tim Ollason

We all know what happened to Sony when they started to sue people who had exploited their PS3 such as GeoHotz who gained a mountain of support to fight against Sony. Unfortunately not all the hackers received the same support… We have now heard that a PS3 hacker might be going to jail and we are wondering if LulzSec will express their opinion in a way that only they can.

The name of the hacker as he is known online is “graf_chokolo” and unfortunately for him he is now out of money to pay the court fees in his battle against the giants behind the PS3… Sony. We learned of this through an article over on RedmondPie by author Waisybabu who talks about some of the things the hacker posted on his blog.

He said that he has no money left anymore and so he is probably going to jail and says in his post “Yeah, I’m ready to go to jail for my beliefs and my principles” as well as saying that his work means a lot to him which he will carry on when he comes out. Now let’s think of the consequences Sony may face if this goes through…

Remember what happened when GeoHot was taken to court? That’s right hacker groups formed and “Anonymous” is believed to be behind Sony’s PSN going down, Sony found that their server had been accessed and also found a file with evidence pointing towards ANON although they denied it. Now there’s a new group who seem to be taking sites down left, right and centre with no real purpose, it’s “just for Lolz” although they have particular beef with Sony.

What do you think will happen of this hacker is sent to jail? Do you think Sony will have to pay the consequences through hackers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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