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Kobo eReader Touch Specs: Kindle & Nook Victory?

June 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

As with tablets and smartphones, the list of eReaders is continually growing. Firstly we were given the Amazon Kindle to play with, then the Barnes & Noble Nook, just last week a new ViewSonic ViewBook 730 got announced and today feast your eyes on a new device from Kobo.

Yes, that’s right another addition to the mixed bag, officially named the Kobo eReader Touch Edition. According to Softpedia, the new device will be available in Canada and America at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

In terms of those all important specs, we can tell you that the Kobo benefits from a 6-inch display with easy portability, zForce infrared touch technology, WiFi, USB connection to a PC, a listing of 2.3 million book titles to choose from with simple to use supported file formats such as PDF and MOBI.

Along with this which is something that caught our eye, is that the new eReader allows you, the user to try out titles from your local library, use two-week trials of magazines or newspapers, fonts can be easily changed and so on. No doubt a big question that will need to be answered is of the expected battery life? It has been pointed out that the Kobo will last out for a good month on just a single charge, or as stated 10,000 page turns.

What about price? With rife competition from those around it, we can tell you that the Kobo will retail for $10 less than the Nook Touch with an overall price of $129.99 or $139.99 in Canada. It will be available in four different colors ranging from of course the black and silver, to blue and lilac.

Give us your thoughts on the new Kobo eReader? Are you tempted by this over the Kindle or Nook?

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  • mackadoo

    Are you able to replace the battery in any of the above three or do you have to return to maker?