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iOS 5 Brings iPad 2 Controlled Gaming Via AirPlay Mirroring

June 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

You may have heard about Apple’s latest AirPlay Mirroring feature added on to their iOS 5, software, it was briefly mentioned at WWDC. If you haven’t then be prepared to be amazed, as this addition has got to be the latest must-have, and will no doubt boost the sales of Apple’s all conquering iPad 2 and their Apple TV streamer.

Apple’n’Apps compiled a video of their testing to show just how versatile the system is, check the clip out below. The whole concept of the Mirroring is to utilize all the apps and functions of the iPad 2 and display them wirelessly on to your HD TV.

By using AirPlay technology the iPad can transmit the images and sound in real time on to the big screen. Now while this is very handy for browsing apps or showing a bunch of friends something without them all having to crowd round the hand-held tablet, its main bonus point can be found in the gaming side.

While the video shows games such as Angry Birds, the really impressive stuff comes from hits like Real Racing 2 HD. As Geeky Gadgets reports, with racing games you use the iPad as the controller, still accessing its touch brake and tilt accelerate and turning. But now the action happens on the big screen in full HD quality.

Now, I have had the opportunity to test the new AirPlay Mirroring with Real Racing, and can safely say that there is little if no lag between your actions and the control on the screen. You almost feel like you are holding a steering wheel rather than an iPad. This gives an excellent feel of reality and precision to your driving technique over that of joystick control.

This really could be the change of games consoles, as we know them, with more people taking on tablet devices the wireless connection between them and your HD TV will give you all the functions that you need. Tell us if you would be happy to swap your games console for tablet-controlled game play?

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