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Apple iPhone 5 LTE Ed: Plus Other Features Required Vs Android

The Apple iPhone 5 is not expected until September to coincide with the iOS 5.0 release but whereas the iPhone has always seemed to have a head start against other smartphones, this time it may have more of a job. It really has to go some to compete against some of the new and upcoming Androids, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Bionic. We think that an Apple iPhone 5 LTE edition is just one of the features required to stay in the game.

We’ve written countless articles with news and speculation about the iPhone 5 (or 4S) and just yesterday OSM’s Maddy Rowe wrote about the inclusion of iOS 5 needed for the next iPhone to stave off Android rivals and spoke of some of the benefits from the new features coming on the next mobile operating system. An article over on International Business Times details 10 features the iPhone 5 should have and we’ve taken a look at that and some of our previous articles to see which we think are most important. If you want to see more detail on particular aspects then hit the links.

Apart from iOS 5 then one of the most important aspects could be 4G LTE capability. We’ve previously asked about the importance of this and it seemed that consumers were pretty split but that overall more people said they wouldn’t buy the next iPhone unless it was an LTE handset. With phones like the HTC Thunderbolt already in existence and the upcoming Droid Bionic on Verizon, many people are starting to not even consider a phone without it, especially with the networks expanding further.

A better battery performance would also be a big plus and traditionally it has improved with each new iPhone so this is certainly something we’d expect. Another new feature we think is very likely and is absolutely necessary is the 1GHz A5 dual-core processor that came to the iPad 2 and is being rumored for the iPhone 5. Many of the latest smartphones are being announced with dual-core processors, such as the Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation 4G although those two will actually have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor so maybe Apple should be thinking of stepping it up even further. The new Google Nexus 4G due in November for example, could even have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

With the ever-growing popularity of phones with larger screens that’s another feature that Apple should maybe consider to keep consumers happy and another popular feature that we’re sure of, will be the inclusion of the iCloud service, much publicized at this year’s WWDC. That could certainly keep a few iPhone users from defecting to an Android handset. NFC (near-field communication) is also something possible for the next iPhone though there have been many conflicting reports on this. We’re also not sure yet of how much of a deciding factor this would be for consumers and are not convinced it’s a deal breaker but it will feature on the upcoming Google Nexus 4G and already features on other smartphones.

We’d also like to add that we consider an improved 8-megapixel camera to be a must for the iPhone 5 and recently there have been rumors of it so fingers crossed. For more ideas check out the International Business Times link earlier but these are certainly some of the features that we think Apple should be considering to avoid an Android takeover bid. You may also be interested in our earlier article from today where we told how Apple has enough spare cash to buy out most of the mobile phone industry competition

We’d be interested to know if you’re an iPhone fan and if you’re thinking of picking up an Android smartphone instead, especially taking into consideration some of the hugely impressive specs on some of the latest to the market? What features on the iPhone 5 would persuade you to stick with Apple? Let us know with your comments

  • Matteo Claeskens

    As a true apple fan, i’m looking to the benefits of the ‘dark’ side (android). But I will wait untill september to see what the new iPhone will bring. Now I’m a huge fan of the new Samsung Galaxy S2 a specially when you see its much cheaper (in Belgium) to buy than an iPhone. But I hope Apple will come with a killer machine that brings something new to the market because to be honest i’m getting a bit tired of the iOS design, the lack of social integration and the customizability of the home screen. I like the new features of iOS5 but I don’t know if they are enough to keep me stay with apple. The speed of the galaxy S2 is amazing and mind blowing so apple better come up with a damn good phone or else I’m going to the dark side…

  • Mike

    I like iphone for how smooth it runs and how nice the form factor is but it doesnt come with a gps, there is very limited talk to txt, and any music i want i have to buy from itunes which is expensive. Where as with my adroid phone i can just download music straight to my phone instantly for free, without a computer at all.

  • Debbie Turner

    Hi Matteo - Just as a point of interest I noticed you mentioned the lack of social integration on the iPhone and we published another article yesterday talking about the possibility of the iPhone 5 becoming your new social network thanks to an application. Although of course nothing is yet confirmed the patent application suggests the intention of Apple to become more socially integrated, even if it doesn’t make it to the next iPhone. You can read it here at the link Thanks for reading and I hope this interests you.