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iPhone 5 Release: iOS 5 Inclusion Needed, Android Victorious

June 19, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
iPhone 5 Release: iOS 5 Inclusion Needed, Android Victorious

Apple’s iPhone 5 is of course still a huge talking point, despite its non-appearance at the recent WWDC event. The month of September is still reported to be the time when we will finally see the handset with rumor that the refreshed iPod will refrain from launching at the same time. As to what the iPhone 5 will come with in terms of specs, is really anyone’s guess!

But one feature that is sure to be included, is that of the new iOS 5 which is scheduled to release in August or early September, which would coincide with the iPhone launch rumored around the 7th. Straight after CEO Steve Jobs announced new software at the WWDC, we followed this up with what additions you can expect to find from the new iOS 5, examples of this include, Widgets, Stack, Lock Screen, Deeper Social Media Integration, Wireless Syncing and much more.

As stated, some 200 new features are making their way to the new operating system, but the introduction to the new iPhone 5 may have come a little too late, with Android devices already benefiting from them.

As we have mentioned on more than one occasion, although Apple fans are happy with their iPhone 4 device, the cali company really do need to bring something new to the market to have any chance of succeeding against Android competition. Big contenders include the new Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation and EVO 3D, Motorola Photon 4G coming in September, the Droid Bionic and so on.

This seems to be the feeling from many analysts, tech wizards and so on. As via analyst Brian White at Ticonderoga Securities interestingly pointed out, despite the White iPhone 4 being released just recently after numerous delays, Apple’s thinking to bring it out was purely a marketing and sales ploy, to increase sales during its two device launches.

Give us your thoughts on the new iOS 5 coming to the iPhone 5? Is it a key inclusion to keep up with its competition? Let us know if you are waiting for the new Apple handset?

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