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HTC Thunderbolt June 30 Update? Indicates Gingerbread & More

June 19, 2021 | Debbie Turner

There’s promising news today for all you HTC Thunderbolt users on Verizon as it seems a software update is finally on the way. The signs indicate that the update will be bringing Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and more, as well as fixing other issues and a release of June 30 is given.

Some leaked information about the OTA update coming from a Verizon Insider, shows some screenshots with the date of June 30 but bear in mind this is not confirmed yet. Thunderbolt owners will be pleased to know that as well as the maintenance required of the update there are many other features coming. These include Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Amazon Appstore pre-installed, gTalk video compatibility and Skype functionality.

Edgar Cervantes over on Android and Me brings us this news. However he does point out that the update looks almost too good to be true but very much hopes it is! Apparently the inside source claims that the release date will remain the same although says that some changes to the release notice might occur. Over on Android Central, Phil Nickinson brings more news on this update and gives a handy list of alleged additions including Verizon Phone Finder and myVerizon. Nickinson is also pretty impressed by the update if the details leaked are accurate.

However a further update on the site suggests that many of Android Central’s readers are doubtful of the screenshots. Apparently there are several misspellings leading some to think the leaks are fake but it’s also pointed out that Verizon is not above the odd typo so for now we’ll keep our fingers crossed! Are you waiting for this update for the HTC Thunderbolt? What for you might be the best addition? Let us know with your comments

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