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Social Media Mistakes That Lost People Jobs: Post-Weinergate

June 17, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Yesterday saw Anthony Weiner finally resign from Congress, a move that many had been expecting post-Weinergate. The scandal that arose from pictures posted on Twitter led to yet another job loss provoked from a social media mistake. Today we want to give you a few more examples about people whose social media bloopers led to them losing their jobs.

If you want to catch up on the Weiner story we told how he had finally confessed all after earlier claiming to be the victim of a hacking attack. We then told how President Obama had implied in an interview that Weiner should resign and wondered if Weiner’s resignation was then inevitable. The whole incident has reminded us about previous social media bloopers that have got people into trouble and here are just a few of them.

Over on Mashable, Christina Warren has compiled some examples and Weiner is not the only politician to be caught out by social media. You may remember the case of Christopher Lee (R-NY), who got himself into bother by sending emails containing pictures of himself posing shirtless, to women on Craigslist. After Gawker published the photos Lee resigned within 4 hours. Back in 2009 NFL’s Larry Johnson was another who lost his job after he posted a series of tweets containing slurs about his coach and others while with the Kansas City Chiefs. First he was suspended but then fans petitioned for him to be released from his contract, which duly followed.

More recently an employee for the social media agency dealing with the Chrylser account also lost their job. The person involved inadvertently tweeted to the wrong account telling how nobody in Detroit could f****** drive. There was also the infamous Domino’s Pizza incident whereby some employees posted video to YouTube of themselves doing disgusting things to food that could have been served to customers. Needless to say this was a pretty stupid thing to do and led to dismissals. For more examples of social media mistakes that had serious consequences check out the full article at the Mashable link above.

Maybe we should all use these examples as a reminder to be more careful about the things we post online! You may also be interested in our article about the Weiner action figure that’s selling like hotcakes and also an article about a study regarding social media mistakes. Have you ever lost your job by posting something online you shouldn’t have? Let us know with your comments.

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