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Facebook Smashing Apple’s Backdoor In With Project Spartan

June 16, 2021 | Tim Ollason

Facebook is quite often the focus of OSM as we strive to bring you the latest news from the social media and social networking worlds. We have seen some crazy things to do with Facebook recently including a woman that used the site to advertise for a hitman and also how Facebook is currently the world’s most dominant social network.

They even managed to achieve a tip of the hat from crazed hackers LulzSec who are taking things down left right and centre completely at random. Now we have news that Facebook will be smashing in Apple’s backdoors with “Project Spartan.” This is supposedly a secret new platform that Facebook is on the verge of launching into the world.

What we understand through MG Siegler of TechCruch is happening is Facebook’s Project Spartan will be targeting a specific user group of around 100 million all using mobile Safari. That’s right the browser on the iPhone and the iPad. What Facebook is planning is to walk into Apple’s backyard using a HTML5 and maintain some kind of control over it although that will overall be limited by Apple.

What’s interesting is in iOS 5.0 Twitter has got the nod over Facebook and has a deep integration with the latest version. Is that the reason that Facebook is taking the fight to the browser? Could be but it’s more than likely that they are just wanting use of the Apple devices to make money through developers such as Zynga. We would urge you to head over to MG Siegler’s article on TechCrunch to read through more information about this as he has a pretty sound explanation of it.

What do you think of Project Spartan’s attack on Apple? Is it even an attack or is it stage one of something bigger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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