Apple Voice Tech Partner Spills The Beans On New iPhone 5?

We are all fans of Apple and I personally admire their approach to the way they handle things, when you think about it all we can do is speculate about “the next handset” and we have reported many times on the suspected devices. We have seen many different proposed design features such as the new camera on the back.

Many people were expecting there to be a new iPhone either the 4S or the iPhone 5 displayed at WWDC 2011 but Apple stayed true to their word and kept a lid on it, we tried to clarify things according to all of the rumors we have heard about intended release dates of the new devices and then all of a sudden an Apple Voice Tech partner has perhaps spilled the beans on the new iPhone 5 in their app.

We learned of this through a report over on 9to5Mac where their author says that these are some quite interesting screenshots. The developer is Nuance and they are believed to be working pretty closely with Apple on the speech recognition technology but as Cleve Nettles says being a 3rd Party app they probably don’t know anything. You can view the app with the images in their entirety over on iTunes by following this link.

One thing we would like to mention here is when you look closely at the images the screen seems to be very close if not overlapping on the home button, with that being the case… I am personally going to call fake on this one purely because of how close the screen and home button are together, I don’t think that Apple would design it in that way especially as there’s space a little bit below the button.

What do you think of the images? Do you think they are fakes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.