Weiner Twitter Scandal Action Figure: Anatomically Correct

We’ve been keeping OSM readers informed about the Weinergate Twitter photos scandal, from Anthony Weiner confessing all, to news that Congress members were tweeting less in the aftermath and then yesterday President Obama implying that Weiner should resign. Today we have a more light-hearted take on the proceedings, as it seems an Anthony Weiner action figure has been launched and there’s also a version that’s anatomically correct!

News of the Weiner doll comes to us from Ben Parr over on Mashable and has been created by HeroBuilders.com. What’s more The LA Times reports that demand for the Weiner action figure is so high that it’s been difficult to get on to the website and many times the “Service Unavailable” warning has cropped up. HeroBuilders has previously produced figures of other eminent politicians such as President Obama, Sarah Palin and George W. Bush.

The Twitter scandal is also highlighted on the figure as the Weiner doll wears briefs with the message “tweet this” on them. There are two versions of the Weiner doll, the standard edition has a price of $39.95 or there’s also an “anatomically correct” version priced at $49.95. That’s a $10 dollar hike for a relatively small (we imagine) addition!

Will you be trying to get online to order your Weiner action figure? We’re interested in what other action figures you’d like to see and your suggestions for messages on them so let us have your ideas by sending your comments.