HTC U-Turn Will See Gingerbread Update Come To HTC Desire

Many owners of the HTC Desire were left with bitter tastes in their mouths after it was revealed that they would not be getting the Gingerbread software update. Less than 24 hours later and HTC have changed their mind.

Android 2.3 as it is also known, was confirmed to not feature on the Desire as a result of memory constraints. Cnet UK reported that the Desire would not be able to handle Gingerbread, on top of the famous HTC Sense interface. This is a feat that the Desire’s successor, the newly launched HTC Sensation can offer. HTC now says it has “found sufficient space for the software overhaul”.

The HTC Desire is less than a year old and so owners were up in arms over the fact that they would not be getting the newest smartphone software update. The handset currently runs Froyo 2.2, with stats showing that the OS is the most commonly used Android version along with Eclair 2.1. It looks like a bit of pressure from the users heavily paid off, after the demand for Gingerbread.

T3 now reveals that HTC made a sensational U-turn and announced that they will in fact bring the Android 2.3 update to the Desire. This should relieve owners, although the stress never should have been caused in the first place, with HTC sending their inconvenience apologies. It seems suspicious as to whether the HTC Sensation’s launch had anything to do with the initial decision to not give Gingerbread to Desire users. Leave us your thoughts on this remarkable turn around. Desire owners what do you think about this?