Terry Pratchett’s Assisted Suicide View Causes Twitter Debate

In the past we have reported on social networking site Twitter and varying topics of discussion. Many have related to celebrities airing their grievances about a rival, sharing information with you about a forthcoming music album or event, paying tribute to a passing star and so on. But over the last 24 hours, Twitter has been inundated with tweets following on from a documentary which was aired on the BBC.

The programme in question “Choosing To Die” for those who didn’t see it, was concentrating on the controversial topic of “assisted suicide.” Terry Pratchett who himself was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, spoke openly about his thoughts, which consequently then caused a huge debate on Twitter with some agreeing with the issues whilst others strongly opposed them.

As well as trending topics on Twitter such as #choosingtodie, Terry Pratchett and so on, tweets as Metro reported came from Debmattinson who said, “This powerful film making case for #choosingtodie very eloquently indeed. Brave people #TerryPratchett.”

On the flip side to this, others disagreed with an NHS GP saying, “I understand the fear of painful death. But as a doctor who may become involved I have great unease about assisted dying.”

The documentary was made to highlight the sensitive and as we said controversial subject of assisted suicide. One tweeter said, “The Terry Pratchett assisted dying documentary is so painfully poignant and done with such dignity.”

Tell us did you watch the “Choosing To Die” programme? What were your thoughts on it and if you can give us your views on the entire subject?