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Huge Cyber Hack Possibility: US Senate Network Under Fire

June 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Since April 20th, when Sony‘s PlayStation Secure Network went down due to hackers attacking the servers and delving into customers’ personal information, we have seen a stream of other tech companies suffering from the same fate. We have heard of Nintendo, Microsoft, NHS, Citigroup, Codemasters and so on.

Now it seems the US Senate’s computer network has been affected. News comes from, of a group of hackers again “Lulz Security,” that have managed to get into the network today. The stolen information although not highly confidential, has still been leaked by the group and posted online.

Worrying news has come with claims from CIA Director Leon Panetta that a large-scale cyber attack could now be imminent that could have a detrimental affect on finance, security, power outages and governmental systems, Panetta has even gone as far as saying it could be the “Next Pearl Harbor.” Following on from this he said, “As a result, I think we have to aggressively be able to counter that. It is going to take both defensive measures as well as aggressive measures to deal with it.”

To find out more on this head on over to Give us your thoughts on yet another hack attack? Have you yourself been affected by Sony’s PSN or such like?

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