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10 Game Trailers You Might Have Missed At E3 2011

June 14, 2021 | Tim Ollason

E3 2011 was a fantastic event with all sorts of different devices being showcased. We saw Microsoft demonstrating what the Kinect can really do with FPS games, the PS Vita named and further details about pricing given and also the new Nintendo Wii U being showcased.

Now we wanted to talk to you about some of the other things that you may have missed because of the excitement of those previous events and they are the game trailers from E3 2011. Everyone knows how popular the E3 event is and it’s because of the gaming community.

The first title is Starhawk where every day is a fight to survive in this amazing game and it’s for those of you who like futuristic sci-fi titles. The Sony PlayStation blog is tipping this as a game to watch. This is the first trailer in our list that you can view at the bottom of the article.

Next up is DUST 514; it’s a player based game of the popular PC-based MMO EVE Online. The graphics on this bad boy are looking impressive and if the gameplay is as good then this could end up being a competitor for Call of Duty, Killzone and Battlefield.

Another game that has all the ingredients of being a great is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Again this has phenomenal graphics and the previous games have good story lines so as long as this one lives up to its predecessors then we are in for a treat. Sony’s blog described this as a slick piece of work with everything you could ask for in a game.

Next on the list is Papo & Yo which is coming in 2012. This game is described as having cheery visuals with the PSN Title being inspired by the designer’s relationship with his father. He was a substance abuser who had two deeply divided personalities which is reflected in a different way in the game.

A big title that was announced at E3 2011 is Resistance 3; the previous two games have been big sellers because of their addictive gameplay and impressive graphics. The game features Nathan Capelli in a journey to New Your City to try and stop the Chimera in their tracks.

There was another huge title revealed at E3 featuring everyone’s favorite sadistic God of War Kratos, it’s the God of War Origins Collection. This will help out with Sony’s new “Remaster” where you can play PSP games on the big screen with previous PSP titles being supported in full 3D and they are all on a single blu-ray disc.

Twisted Metal: Revenge is the next one that we will be checking out, it’s been described on the PS blog as imaginative and when you watch the video you will see what they mean. Cars turning into humanoid robots like something out of transformers and then a bigger version of it popping up; this game looks a bit crazy.

The next game that you might have missed is Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest which is a PlayStation Move game. Don’t expect to see stunning graphics instead if this is the game for you expect to be active! It’s games like this that you look at and then compare to what the Kinect showed us that really tells a story of why one is selling well and why the other perhaps isn’t.

Next up on the list is Hitman Absolution, this sees us getting back to stunning graphics and if you played any of the previous games then you will be aware that the gameplay is again addictive. If this game has managed to step things up then you will love playing Agent 47 all over again.

The last one that we are bringing you is inFAMOUS 2 obviously a sequel game and we are shown in the trailer Cole’s new electrical and elemental powers. The trailer has realistic looking explosions which it’s combining with amazing backgrounds; we just hope the gameplay lives up.

There you have it, 10 game trailers from E3 2011 that you may have missed, as always you can view them all at the bottom of the article. Will you buy any of these games when they are released? Let us know in the comments section below.

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