The White House On Facebook: Half Fans Are Over 50

When it comes to Facebook there are more than 500 million users signed up to their service which makes it the largest of all the social networks. We try to report on the majority of scam, virus and malware that we see as well as talking to you about some statistics.

Recently we reported on the number of profanities that are found on Facebook walls as well as the general situation that they are found. Now we have some new ones that have come rolling in courtesy of’s Jennifer Moire regarding the White House on Facebook and how more than half their fans are over 50.

The data was pulled on the White House Facebook page and then analyzed over on the White House blog where the following figures came in. there are 35% of the president’s Facebook fans are aged between 35 and 49, 62% reported that they had visited the White House’s page on Facebook once a week with 93% saying they read their Tweets.

They also mention that 50% of the Facebook survey respondents were aged over 50 which is pretty amazing. It either means that the majority of the younger audience don’t take an interest in the White House or that it’s something pretty big in the lives of the over 50s. Head over and have a read of the other results.

Do the stats sound about right to you? Do you follow the activity of the White House on Facebook and or Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below.