Weinergate Leads to Congress Tweeting Less

The Weinergate scandal is still very much ongoing at the moment and we previously wrote about congressman Anthony Weiner and the Twitter pictures incident and how he had confessed after previously saying he was the victim of a hacking incident. We have news today that says, maybe unsurprisingly, that since Weinergate other Congress members are now tweeting notably less.

As more details of Weiner’s online relationships come out we’ve come across an intriguing look at how the incident has impacted on Congress using Twitter, in the form of an infographic called, The ‘Weinergate’ Effect on Congressional Tweet Frequency. The infographic was compiled by TweetCongress using data of Twitter activities by Congress members, both Democrats and Republicans, between May 9 to June 8. It was brought to our attention by Jennifer van Grove over on Mashable and you can see the full infographic next or at this link.

It seems that the first reaction from Congress members was to cut back on using Twitter altogether rather than just being more careful about what they tweeted, as Republican tweets were down by 27% over one week and Democratic tweets down by 29%, almost a third, which is a pretty significant drop. A Weinergate timeline from May 27 when the infamous photo was sent that started the whole incident, goes right through to June 6 when Weiner confessed all. It seems that the least tweets on any of the days in the infographic were sent on May 30, the day Weiner went on CNN to talk about the so-called ‘hacking.’

If nothing else, Weinergate certainly seems to have made Congress members stop and rethink their use of sites such as Twitter. What are your thoughts on Weinergate and how the scandal has affected Congress members’ use of Twitter? Let us know with your comments.