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Samsung Galaxy S2 Within on Sprint: Launch Date July 24?

June 12, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II has been released in many regions now but one of the questions we are asked most is when there will be a release for North America. We reported previously on a rumor of a possible July release on Sprint in the U.S. where it will be known as the Within and now we have some further news about a possible launch date of July 24 for the Galaxy S2 on Sprint.

Before we get to that, you may be interested in some of our previous articles for more information so hit the links if you want a retailer roundup for various countries, release news for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan or a review roundup. As far as North American release for the Galaxy S2 we’ve also given details of a Verizon release rumor where it will be known as the Function, also in July (the source later retracted but July is still possible), and only yesterday we saw a leaked image of the Galaxy S2 for AT&T where it will be known as the Attain, which of course indicates a release could be sooner rather than later. Earlier today we also gave news of reports of the Galaxy S2 release in Canada, with July also being given as the launch month.

Further news on the Sprint release comes to us from Andrew Greenfield over on Talk Android and whereas previously the leaks suggested a late July release, now July 24 looks like a likely date with news from two different sources. Firstly a Sprint store manager, previously known to Talk Android, spoke of a release on July 24. Then Greenfield went to a separate Sprint store and asked an employee about a release for the S2 and was also told, “nothing is certain, but management has told us that the S2 is planned on being released early the last week of July. I’ve heard 24th.”

Of course this is all conjecture but Talk Android have previously been a reliable source of information and one further detail backs it up. The HTC EVO 3D will have been released on Sprint for exactly one month on July 24. Sprint has a one-month return policy so make of this what you will but it is certainly an interesting point. If you want to see more on the Galaxy S2 it still hasn’t made the Samsung US website although you can see the press announcement here, however it does appear on the Samsung UK product page here.

We’ll be keeping our ears open for more information on release dates and will keep you informed on Samsung Galaxy S2 developments. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S2 to come to Sprint or another carrier? Let us have your comments on this.

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  • Anonymous

    I was set on getting the Evo 3D until I read about the Galaxy S II. STILL WAIVERING, but the other day I read that the viewing area on 3D on Evo is so narrow. Also kinda like the screen & lightness of the S II. Probably getting the S II but really worried about getting updates as quickly as I do on my present Evo 4G.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else on the fence?

  • Stillwell

    im getting the s2 because seriously why would i get a 3d phone for? the 3d is a gimmick i mean you can take a 3d photo but you can’t share it on facebook that way so to me its just a waste of battery and i rather have my phone be companioned by the s2 seeing as i have the epic 4g

  • Douglas Kerr

    I’m looking forward to the s2, and finding out how the specs and features compare on the CDMA network. Also, if the Samsung did not have 4G on Sprint, it would be a deal breaker. As to the rumors of July 24, I really do hope it is true. However, always remember that a store employee has absolutely no idea when a phone will be released until training is scheduled. Otherwise, they know less than you and I.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll switch carriers to the first one to ffer the S2.

  • Anonymous

    I saw somewhere (CNET, Engaget, YouTube?) that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be called “Hercules” on T-Mobile. No date information.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I consider the S2 to be superior and I will be getting that as soon as it comes out the Evo 3D is right on it’s heels. The 3D is a feature that can be turned off and never used. There is a whole community of confused people that think that the Evo 3D is a 3D phone but that is wrong. It’s a superphone that can do 3D, if you fancy that.