Samsung Galaxy S2 Release for Canada Plus Infuse 4G

We’ve been bringing you release news for the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II as we hear it. Many people have been wondering when this notable Android handset will make it to North America and today at last, we have news of a Galaxy S2 Canada release and also the release of the Infuse 4G.

OSM’s Maddy Rowe previously gave you a retailer roundup for the Galaxy S2 and we’ve also given you a review roundup if you want to see just what the experts think. We’ve written countless articles on the Galaxy S2 now but as far as release goes for North America we’ve given you details of how to buy the phone unlocked from Amazon US and a release rumor for Sprint in the U.S. for July, where it will be known as the Within. The Verizon version, the Function, was also rumored for release in July although the original source of this news later backtracked and then only yesterday we heard that a leaked image of the AT&T version of the Galaxy S2, the Attain, had been spotted, leading us to think the release on that carrier may not be far off.

Many of our Canadian friends have also been waiting for news of the Galaxy S2 release there and Wen Muenyi of IntoMobile, sourced from Mobile Syrup and Redboard, informs further. In fact it may be Canada that sees the release first in North America as Samsung ads for the Galaxy S2 in Canada have now been updated to read “coming soon.” The speculation among many now is that Bell, Rogers and TELUS may all be releasing the S2 in July. On top of that it looks as though the Infuse 4G, another impressive Android handset, is also coming to Canada very soon for the Rogers HSPA+ network. In the U.S. this smartphone was released on AT&T and was pretty well received.

Over on MobileSyrup, Kate O’Brien says that in April Samsung said that the Galaxy S2 would come in early Q3 so that would fit with a July release. You can see more on the Galaxy S2 at the Samsung Canada website here, where you can see for yourself the “coming soon” tag has been added now. You can see the same tag for the Infuse 4G on its product page here. Are you in Canada or the U.S. waiting for the release of the Galaxy S2? What has made you choose this handset over other upcoming smartphones such as the Motorola Droid Bionic or Apple iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.

  • Benjamin Krausse

    what would make me choose it over iphone 5? android. nuff said

  • Francis Larouche

    Android is a good reason, it makes different to see people having not only Apple devices all the time. The Samsung has more features, can have up to 64 GB of storage (with a 32 GB SDcard and 32 GB of internal storage) has NFC, a MHL connector, etc… so this phone kicks a lot of asses. Anyway, if you wait for a unbeatable phone, you will never get a new one.