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New Apple MacBook Air Release 2011: Refresh This Week?

June 12, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you a lot of news and speculation lately about the MacBook Air 2011 refresh, which some time ago we suggested might arrive in June and in the last week or so we’ve had several clues that new models may be coming soon. We have news today that suggests the new MacBook Air may in fact be released as early as this week, on Wednesday in fact.

We’ve recently reported on price cuts to the current models, limited supplies and most recently told of reports saying that up to 400,000 new Airs are being produced by the end of June so hit the links if you want to read more. We’ve also previously asked what new features you’d like to see on the next MacBook Air line and also what price you’d be willing to pay. New features that many are expecting are new Sandy Bridge processors and the latest Thunderbolt technology and others that our readers would like to see are higher resolution displays, more RAM, backlit keyboards, improved battery life and much more. For those of you waiting for the refresh and we know there are many of you, there could be some good news.

An article by Arnold Kim over on MacRumors reports on a recent tweet from @ChronicWire, which says that the only thing sources have 100% confirmed about the new MacBook Air, is the Wednesday release. While we wouldn’t suggest that this tweet alone could be relied on, it does follow the report that Apple are ramping up production and also MacRumors says that @ChronicWire has previously been a reliable source of information.

To further back up this speculation we then have news from Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac, which says that Apple is updating Apple Store displays on Tuesday evening, which does suggest a new product release on Wednesday. Although there’s no way of knowing yet just what that new product may be, the new MacBook Air would be the obvious choice, although Gurman also suggests some other alternatives such as the Apple Back to School promotion. In fact, we just took another look at @ChronicWire on Twitter and another tweet has just been posted saying that the Apple Store update on Tuesday night is for the new MacBook Airs AND the Back to School Promotion, so fingers crossed.

One thing you can be sure of is that we’ll be following new MacBook Air news very closely and the moment we hear more we’ll let you know. Are you waiting for the MacBook Air refresh for 2011 and what features do you most want to see? Let us know with your comments.

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