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MacBook Air 2011 OS X Lion: Google Chromebook Sales Down?

June 12, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

News for the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh is hotting up, and just in the last few days we have given you information about the production of the devices, that were scheduled for launch at the end of this month, beginning of July. Some 400,000 were reported to be in the production line with 209,000 being that of the smaller cheaper 11.6-inch model. Today again, the news has changed and got us thinking that the release may be as early as Wednesday of this week, click here for more details.

Whether you’re an Apple fan and know yourself what you are hoping to hear from the launch, its an interesting article from that caught our eye today, with talk of Apple’s new OS X Lion that was launched at their WWDC event last week. As many of you are aware now, the new desktop system Lion will enable you to gain internet access quickly and easily even if the system is locked, therefore cutting out time logging back in.

Many of you are interested with this new add-on and were grateful to hear the news announced, but no doubt competitors were not? Take those with Google’s OS based Chromebooks, such as the new Samsung or as stated the Acer with their devices, which are due to launch soon as a cheaper alternative to the new MacBook Air 2011. But what both Samsung and Acer gain in lower price, Apple gain in the new desktop OS including “Restart to Safari.”

The MacBook Air on the other hand particularly that of the 11.6-inch version as mentioned in the first paragraph, will be slightly more in price than Samsung or Acer’s offerings, but will come with the full OS and browser only mode, not just a browser in a box as it were!

Along with this, the new Air is slightly smaller in size compared to its rivals with a 11.6-inch screen compared to the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with its 12.1-inch.

Tell us what your thoughts are? Are you waiting on news of the new MacBook Air 2011? What are you hoping to hear in terms of specs, price and so on?

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