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Sony Beware… LulzSec Is Coming For You

June 11, 2021 | Tim Ollason
Sony Beware… LulzSec Is Coming For You

Poor old Sony has been the victim of hacking since April when the PSN was accessed, Sony then decided to turn off their servers in order to rebuild their infrastructure. There was some finger pointing at ANON who are a hacker group however they said it wasn’t them.

Since then we have seen another hacker/group called LulzSec who managed to shame Sony with images where 37,500 accounts were compromised. The same group assisted the NHS by pointing out some security flaws and the very same group also pulled down a terrorist website and pulled off a list of login details for various adult entertainment sites. Whilst summarizing their “work” it ended up being a message for Sony so beware, it seems LulzSec is coming for you.

The actual message that was found over on the LulzSec Twitter account and it actually says “Recap of last 24 hours: NHS assisted, Jihad site taken down, owned, Endgames + Prolexic shone up brightly. Tomorrow… @Sony.” Quite a chilling message if you are Sony and have had various problems over the last little while wouldn’t you say.

The same group gave Facebook a nod of approvingly after they locked down their emails after they were found on a list. Unfortunately for Sony it looks like they may end up being the bearer of bad news again in the not too distant future and there’s not an awful lot they can do about it.

What do you think if LulzSec? How will they compromise Sony next? Let us now in the comments section below.

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